So after the Christmas season and getting Christmas cards in the mail, I’ve realized I really enjoy getting snail mail. Something about the thrill of checking my mailbox to see if someone was thinking about me, the excitement when there’s something there (unless it’s a bill…nothing exciting there).

One of my friends recently introduced me to the website Postcrossing. It’s a way to send a postcard to random people from all over the world. Just a way to say hello, brighten their day, and feel connected to the world around you. Well, I signed up and I’ve already received three postcards- one from Finland, one from China and one from Japan. I’ve also enjoyed sending out postcards as well- I’ve sent out 6 so far. For each postcard you send, someone else is given your information as well.

Check out my profile here!

You create a profile of your interests, things to include on the postcard, and perhaps the types of postcards you most enjoy receiving. I’m personally having a lot of fun making postcards for each person individually using my own personal photos. It’s fun to be able to say that a picture of my cat has traveled halfway across the world.

The only downside is when you’re sending an international postcard, the cost for a stamp is a bit more than nationally- a little over $1. But, in the end it’s worth it to receive a postcard from someone else.

I can’t wait for this map to get even busier.

It at least gives me more of a reason to check my mailbox daily.


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