So you know when you go into Target and you accidentally walk by some clearance stuff…and the next thing you know your basket is full of things? Yeah, that’s why I try and limit my Target runs to once every few weeks. Here’s my latest haul:

I probably went a bit too far. But everything had a clearance sticker on it, which made me feel a little bit better about my purchases.

I’m a sucker for neutral eye shadows. I don’t wear dark makeup or anything super colorful- I like to stay as true to natural as possible. And apparently, from the picture, I struck gold on that front (and some gold tones as well).
…see what I did there. Man, I’m hilarious.

ANYWAY- I also have never found a blush or bronzer that I liked. We’ll see if my cheap buys are ones I’ll love to use. But in this weather (cold, snowy ick) I find that I’m already naturally blushed. I’m also one of the few redheads that can get a tan, but since it’s wintertime I lost my beautiful Florida tan I worked on this summer. Oh well, better luck next year.

I also am always on the hunt for great accessories for my hair. I have finally decided to start growing it out of the cute pixie I’ve had for almost 2 years now. I love it, but I forgot what it’s like to have long hair- and I’m pretty sure once I grow it out I’ll chop it off again. But hey, it’s an experience, right? Here’s the headband and the progress I’ve made so far on the growing out endeavor:

I also am super bad at washing my makeup off at night (I know, I know). Hopefully these “fun” cleansing wipes will make me remove it before going to bed. I’m pretty sure my skin is mad at me for this. Hopefully we can kiss and makeup.
…get it? Makeup?

Okay, I promise to stop now.

But I guess this blog post is just to show you the wonderful things about Target’s clearance section. But be warned- if you enter, you probably won’t leave empty handed.

Until next haul!



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