The day has come- my Body Shop order has arrived at my doorstep.


The whole point of this online shopping spree was to get their bronzer that I had heard marvelous things about. And to be completely honest, I was up at 3am watching some of my favorite beauty YouTubers shouting their love for Body Shop and this bronzer, so in my sleep deprived state, I gave in. I entered the Body Shop website, and on their banner it read “BUY 2 THINGS, GET 2 FREE!” And I have to be quite honest- I’m a girl who loves a good sale. I had to go through with it.

So I found the bronzer I wanted- but I needed 3 more things. I wasn’t that impressed with their makeup brushes and I didn’t know enough about their skincare products to go down that road, so I focused on makeup. I found this blush with the most beautiful pinky color- and to seal the deal (or purchase) of this blush was its name: marshmallow. Delicious. ooo

I also (as you may already know) love neutral eye-shadows. But sometimes, even a girl like me needs a little glitter in her life. The Shimmer Cubes seemed like a perfect purchase for me- neutral, but shimmery for a special evening. The packaging was also what intrigued me- it’s literally a box of eye shadows in little cubes that look good enough to eat. I mean how adorable is that?


Finally, I saw they had a clearance section. And the moment I saw that they had grapefruit-scented anything I wanted to buy it all- I mean I heard angels singing and I was close to hitting a “BUY ALL” button. But I settled on getting a grapefruit gift set so I can try the products out and maybe in the future buy more of what I couldn’t live without.

I also bought a new luffa- not an exciting purchase but everyone needs a good luffa now and again.

But seriously- how beautiful is this bronzer? It’s almost too beautiful to use. But I will, I promise. What I really like about it is how light it is. I am quite a lighter-colored person and some bronzers I’ve looked at and tried in the past were way to dark and unnatural. So my dears, if you are lighter skinned like me this bronzer is for you.


(Please ignore the mess in the background on the mirror- eek).

Have you shopped at Body Shop? What are your favorite products?


What do you think?

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