My last short pixie hair cut was in September. Since then I’ve decided to start growing it out. It is quite the process, but after almost 5 months, it’s not as bad as other people’s experiences I read online. Sure, there were a few days where a bad-hair-day ensued- but when doesn’t that happen at any hair length?


My advice if you want a pixie cut- don’t let the growing out process scare you away. It scared me, so I understand. I watched tons of YouTubers talk about the pain and awkwardness, and many bloggers say they gave up or hid inside during certain stages. So, going into this I was worried beyond belief that I was going to be miserable and that everyone would notice my “unkept-ness”. But everyone actually comments on how long my hair is getting and are being super supportive during the process.

Also- just because you’re growing your hair out does not mean you shouldn’t visit your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks. It’s good to get your neck trimmed and your hair re-shaped to help make the growing out process more bearable. I know when you’re growing out your hair you think every centimeter counts, but trust me it will help (and keep you away from the mullet look).

What are some things that helped me through it? HAIR ACCESSORIES. There were some weeks I wouldn’t leave the house without a headband- and I always carried around bobby-pins when a few hairs decided to be independent (no matter how much hair product I put in).

This is also the time where hair products are super helpful to keep hair in place and out of the way. My FAVORITE is Davines No. 5 Mat Putty (which unfortunately is being discontinued- let the Ebay stalking begin). It holds wonderfully, but is flexible throughout the day. Since it isn’t being sold via Davine’s website anymore, the price has increased on sites like Ebay and Amazon. But thankfully it takes me about a year to go through one bottle, so I think it’s worth the investment. I’m working on a blog post about my favorite (and least favorite) hair products for pixies- stay tuned for that if you’re interested!

All in all, I’m glad that I didn’t chicken out of the idea to grow my hair out- I still have a long way to go, but I’m enjoying every minute of it (and every new hairstyle I’ve never had)!

Have you ever thought about getting a pixie cut?


3 thoughts on “MY PIXIE PROGRESS

  1. Oooh gosh, having and growing out a pixie cut sounds like high maintenance haha. My hair at the moment is long and naturally straight, and all I ever do is give it a quick brush in the mornings! I always seem to be too much in a rush in the mornings to properly style my hair haha. I’ve thought about getting a pixie cut though! Emma Watson (and yourself hehe) pull it off quite well 😀

    ♥ Michelle/MICHALOGY

    1. It’s not as high maintenance as it sounds- thankfully my hair is pretty tame and does what I say on most days. 🙂 Plus it has a little wave, which helps keep it from looking flat even without product. I feel like everyone should experience short hair at least once in their lives- it’s so freeing and light! Thanks for the compliment!

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