It’s FINALLY beautiful outside- I literally sat in the grass all day. I may be a tad bit burnt, but it was completely worth it. My friend and I went to a salad bar, loaded up in goodies, and drove to a beautiful park in town with a trail going around the lake. We set up camp on a blanket, listened to the Beatles, and there also might have been a bottle of wine in our bag of tricks…perfect Sunday.

I’ve been told by many people that I have quite the unique shoe collection- and I take pride in that statement. Now that it’s sandal weather, I thought I would show you guys my sandal collection! I seem to really like to add color to my outfits using my shoes as the pop of color- and when spring comes around, I can’t wait to sandal it up!


These sandals by Montego Bay Club are my only “flip-flop” sandals. I’m not a huge fan of sandals without the back strap, but these are super cute and go with black or brown outfits.

They have cute flowery bits on the top and dress up or can go casual. You will probably see that as a theme for all of my sandals.


These Sandals by Mossimo are by far the brightest sandals I own (and apparently, they match my nail polish very nicely!).

I love the braided effect on the straps, the beautiful, bright color, and the little space for the big toe to go in. Prefect with a pair of tan shorts and a white flowy top.


These sandals are probably my go-to pair when I’m heading out the door. Super comfortable, simple design, and a unique coral color.

Check out my latest Instagram where I have a picture of these shoes near the lake I spent my day relaxing by. First sandals of spring!


You know I’m a sucker for gold hardware- and that’s what convinced me to purchase this pair! I love the gold hoop holding the straps together, and the fasteners that are gold as well.

Burnt orange is also a color I seem to gravitate towards (if you didn’t know- my car is burnt orange as well. I’m a tad obsessed!). They are also one of my more neutral sandals that go with just about anything and everything.


These are actually one of my favorites- they have a slight heel and are very Grecian. I wore these for my senior recital last year, and they are super comfortable.

I love the gold color and the finer straps that are all put together in a very unique, almost art-deco way. I love to pair these with my colored shorts and a neutral top.


I had to get that yellow flower in the shot- so freaking springy! Here are my “going out” sandals. They have a bit of a heel and are super strappy all the way up to my ankle.

Very neutral and go with everything in my closet. They were a steal at TJ Maxx- so much cheaper than what they would have been full price at Guess. I love a good bargain!

What’s your favorite springy shoewear? Something bold or neutral? I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather too!


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