My sister had one of her art pieces up on display at her school along with other pieces made by students at the college she’s attending. I was so excited to see what she made as well as see what else this show had to offer. It was a lot of fun- especially since every hallway you went down was a different medium: photography, design, print-making, jewelry/metal arts, among others. Here are a few pictures of things that really caught my eye as well as the piece my sister made. I hope you enjoy!






And here is the piece my sister made- I’m so proud of her!


IMG_2979If you’re interested in more of my sister’s work, here is her Etsy shop where she makes origami cranes and hand-stitched journals. She’s working on her own personal website at the moment, and when that is available I will link it here as well- she has done a lot of really awesome things!

As always, I hope you are having an excellent day!


One thought on “MY SISTER’S ART SHOW

  1. That piano covered with the music sheets looks pretty rad. Congratulations to your sister! Are they butterflies she designed on those computer screens? Ohhh is putting the butterflies on the computer her way to link “social butterfly” and “social media” together? 🙂

    PS. Revamped my blog btw, basically made a new blog with the same url. You may want to check it out, you’re following my old blog atm 🙂

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