Another post in my Pin it, Wear it series which also ties in with my polka-dot theme lately. Ever since I started on Pinterest, I absolutely fell in love with this next outfit I’m recreating. The colors, the style- me 100%! Here’s the look I’m copying this time around:

0abfc61f9dc27801fa06d9d4cdb03f19The polka-dots, the burnt orange cardigan…I mean, come on. PERFECTION. It took a bit of tweaking in my wardrobe to pull this look off, but here’s what I came up with:

PicMonkey Collage2Granted I don’t have long hair like hers and I’m still on the lookout for a chunky-leather belt to complete the ensemble. But I’d say it’s not that bad of a copycat outfit though- especially since all of these things were already in my closet. The shirt came with a matching fabric belt for around the waist, but I just tied it loosely around my neck for that ruffled look in the Pin. I absolutely love making new outfits from inspiration on Pinterest! Have you ever tried it before?

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One thought on “PIN IT, WEAR IT: POLKA-DOT EDITION | #3

  1. Cute look! Your outfit and the one you pinned on Pinterest are 100% matchies! 😀 I have a Pinterest account but I keep forgetting to check it; I already have Tumblr and I find they’re both excellent for finding inspiration. Lookbook[dot]nu is also great for fashion inspiration.

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