One word: Sale. It gets me every time. I should never be allowed to go into a Bath & Body Works, let alone during their biggest sale of the season. M (who you met in one of my latest blog posts “One of my Favorites“) wanted to go into BBW and get some soaps. I graciously offered to go along as moral support (and to make sure she didn’t go overboard). Well, that didn’t quite work out as planned. Let’s just say we both left the store carrying quite the heavy bag of goodies and a little less money in our wallets, but at least we’ll smell nice?

I’ve always been obsessed with their Eucalyptus Spearmint line, but I know the scent is not for everyone.Β I think it’s refreshing in the summer, and really helps open up your sinuses in the winter when you have a cold. And, I must admit, I absolutely love the color and details on the packaging so that certainly drew me to the line in the first place. When I walked into the store I was immediately hit in the face (figuratively, of course) with this huge sign and display saying:

“Buy 2, get 2 free Aromatherapy Products”

…and if you’re a regular BBW customer, you know that NEVER happens. EVER. Well…I had to get 4 items, and below are the items I chose along with an already half-used up candle in the same scent:



Seriously beautiful packaging, is it not? This smell really does relieve stress for me. When I’ve had a tough day and want to feel clean and relaxed, I reach for the body wash in this scent and then lather up with the lotion if I’m feeling extra stressed. Also, as weird as it might sound, my cat Myrtle loves this scent. When I light the candle she really seems to chill out and enjoy (from afar, of course) the candle’s aroma. I guess she has great taste!

I have yet to try the bath soak and luxury bath I bought, but I’m really excited to test them out on my next pamper evening- just take a deep breath in and feel your stress melt away!

What’s your favorite scent that relaxes you?


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