It seems that dry shampoos have become quite popular recently. Since I’m usually quite a busy person, I really wanted to give them a try to (hopefully) save some time in my morning routine. Also, as someone who used to wash their hair everyday, I know that every other day is much better for your hair’s health. I’ve tried out three products so far, and honestly only one has made it to my favorite’s list.

LAST PLACE: Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo 500

As much as I wanted to love this (especially because of the scent and the naturalness of the ingredients) I felt like it didn’t really do a lot for me. Also, after just a few uses the spraying device at the top broke, and therefore I haven’t been able to use the rest of the product to test it out further- frustrating. It does smell really nice and is reasonably affordable- I just wish I could use the rest of the product to see if it really doesn’t work for me. It also seemed to dry my hair out, and left it almost crunchy feeling.



450SECOND PLACE: Pantene Dry Shampoo Blowout

This was the only dry shampoo I could find at my local drugstore in travel size for my trip to Oregon this past month. It was certainly conveniently sized and seemed to work at first, but after about a half day of walking around and such it seemed to wear off and my hair would go right back to the way it was when I woke up. It has a decent smell (nothing memorable) and the can definitely needs to be shaken well before use.



FIRST PLACE: Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoohair_243x406_0016_dry-sh71-86824

Of all the dry shampoos I’ve tried (and believe me, I know there are more out there) this one was my favorite. It has a good smell, easy to use, and seems to really refresh my hair. I’ve also straightened bits of my hair after using this and it didn’t seem to interfere with the heat. My hair was left feeling soft and voluminous. I still have more testing to do on this one (new purchase) but so far, I really like how it reacts with my hair. I’ve also used it on first day hair to get the look of second day hair- it adds a bit of texture and volume that you only get from second day hair.


All in all I really enjoy using dry shampoo- it makes mornings where I want to sleep in and not redo my hair much more enjoyable, plus my hair gets to keep more of its natural oils and not strip the strands daily with wet shampoos. I also find that I can do more hairstyles and see more of what my hair can do when I don’t wet it down and style it the same way daily. It’s nice to see what else my hair is capable of!

Have you used dry shampoo? Which brands are you loving at the moment?

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