Have you ever wished that someone would style outfits for you? Maybe pick out items that are right up your alley without leaving the house? Well thanks to Stitch Fix you can do that!

If you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a super simple process. First you fill out a fashion profile so the stylists can get to know what style you like to wear- or would like to wear more of. Then you can link your Pinterest style board (because come on guys, you know you have one) so they get even more of an idea of items you like. You pay $20 for them to send five items of clothing in the mail for you to try on and send back what you don’t like- it’s as simple as that! Also, if you decide to keep something in the box, the $20 fee to ship the box gets deducted from the item’s price. So technically the box would get shipped for free and you get $20 off the item! And if you decide to buy everything in the box you also get 25% off the total of all five items! Pretty cool, right? Your welcome.

Here’s the line up of items I got this month (and get ready guys, because this might be one of my favorite fixes yet!):

PicMonkey Collage(I am absolutely in love with the color combos in this fix- just sayin’)

Vinnie Open Crochet Detail Cardigan: Was a bit worried it would be granny-ish, but I love the lace-like detail on the back and the cream color. It should go with just about anything in my closet! I like it, but I don’t love it.

Jace Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress: I love this dress! Super stretchy and comfortable, and a lovely subtle print in a great color for me. Also it isn’t super short, which seems to be a theme with my long legs and regular dresses. If I throw on a cardigan, I would totally wear this to work or even a night out!

Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf: I love scarves, so it’s hard to turn one down. I don’t have one in this vibrant blue, and I like the pattern. Not super in love, but I do like it. Lightweight material and a bit casual for my usual outfits.

Holden Striped Sheer Shortsleeve Blouse: I really like the cut of this blouse- a lot. I also really love the color scheme. Probably, most likely a definite keeper.

Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman Top: I’ve been into stripes lately and I really like how this top can be dressed up for a work day, but dressed down for a casual lunch. It’s also quite long which is awesome for me and the 3/4 sleeves make it great for any season.

PicMonkey CollagejjWhat should I keep? Help me decide in the comments below!

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Interested in getting a Stitch Fix box delivered to your door? Click here!

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