October Stitch Fix Haul

PicMonkey Collagez

Have you ever wished that someone would style outfits for you? Maybe pick out items that are right up your alley without leaving the house? Well thanks to Stitch Fix you can do that!

If you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a super simple process. First you fill out a fashion profile so the stylists can get to know what style you like to wear- or would like to wear more of. Then you can link your Pinterest style board (because come on guys, you know you have one) so they get even more of an idea of items you like. You pay $20 for them to send five items of clothing in the mail for you to try on and send back what you don’t like- it’s as simple as that! Also, if you decide to keep something in the box, the $20 fee to ship the box gets deducted from the item’s price. So technically the box would get shipped for free and you get $20 off the item! And if you decide to buy everything in the box you also get 25% off the total of all five items! Pretty cool, right? Your welcome.

I will say that after my last Stitch Fix I was thinking about cancelling my account. Things just didn’t seem to fit me right and weren’t my style. I thought I would send them feedback and explain exactly what I was looking for and hope for the best. I told them that lately I’ve been leaning towards a very monochrome look (black, white, tan, gray and brown) with an accent color from my shoes, scarves, or handbags. After waiting patiently for my next fix, it finally came and I couldn’t wait to see what they picked out for me with monochrome in mind.

Here’s what I was given:PicMonkey CollagezBettie Button-Front Blouse: I liked the olive green color and the shape of this shirt, it was just a little tight in the shoulder area- story of my life.

Celine Textured Colorblock Blouse: I really liked the shape of this and the textured fabric on the sleeves. It has a zipper on the back (in silver, but I think I can handle that) and it went perfectly with my giraffe necklace (see picture below). It also was one of the only tops that actually fit me well.

Hazel Metallic Striped Knit Top: This top has a subtle gold shimmer on every other stripe, which is right up my alley. Unfortunately the shimmer is a bit itchy so it makes the sweater uncomfortable.  Also horizontal stripes make my chest look bigger sometimes, which I really don’t need.

Chaney Textured Detail Blouse: I love a good,  black top. Plus the detail on the top is really flattering and makes it more than just a black blouse. Unfortunately, it was too tight on the top half of my body. I was super upset this one didn’t fit because I could see myself really wearing this one all the time.

Crawford Mesh Triangle Earrings: Nice earrings, and in gold. They aren’t anything special, but they are a nice, staple earring for any occasion.

PicMonkey Collageoby

What should I keep? Help me decide in the comments below!

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Interested in getting a Stitch Fix box delivered to your door? Click here!

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