How Tall Is She?


I am a 6 foot tall vegetarian, stuck in Iowa (for now) living on my own with my precious cat Myrtle. I’m hoping by the end of 2014 I’ll be traveling around the world (or at least out of the midwest), exploring new territories and telling all of you about it! I went to school for music, and I love performing when I can. I also teach music lessons at a nearby academy, which is super important to me.

I’m a thrifter, and my style is easy but uniquely me. I’m also tall which brings its challenges in everything I do (especially finding jeans that fit) but I hope that any tips I can give will help someone else who understands my pain.a420b0ba589c11e387a51204e168d656_8

I’m also a vegetarian- I have been for almost 10 years now. I love showing people that we’re no different than anyone else and the food we can make is just as delicious as a steak (or so I’ve heard- no personal experience).

This blog started out as a way to organize my thoughts and write things down- but it’s turned into something I enjoy updating constantly. And if I can also help and connect with other people in the process, that’s certainly a plus- I love the community of people I’ve met so far!

I love sharing recipes, fashion, music, and entertaining things with all of you and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer! Take a seat, grab a coffee and stay awhile. I promise I won’t bite.




What do you think?

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