Elizabeth & James Nirvana Perfume Review


First off, can we talk about the beautiful packaging? Seriously. I fell in love when I saw the full sized bottle on a few blogs and in Sephora. After contemplating buying the perfume for just the bottle, I decided to buy a sample size of the scent to see if it was something I would wear. The sample also came with the black scent so I could try that out as well.

And I ended up loving them both. Continue reading “Elizabeth & James Nirvana Perfume Review”



I must say it took me quite a few years to become okay with wearing heels. I’ve always been self conscious about my height and even wearing flats I’m taller than all of my friends. But eventually I realized that if I wanted to wear heels I could- no matter what other people thought. Besides, it makes my legs look miles long- oh yeah! I tend to gravitate towards shorter heels, and of course heels with gold hardware. It’s not a huge collection, but it is growing slowly but surely. Here’s what I have so far beautifying my shoe rack:

PicMonkey Collage4I’m a size 11 in Women’s shoes which is sometimes a hassle to find, but sometimes that means that my size is almost always in stock. All you tall ladies out there: how do you feel about heels? Let’s be tall, sexy women and heel it up together!

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I might have gone a bit overboard this time- but I had a free afternoon and some spending money and I maybe, just MAYBE hit every thrift shop in town.


Weirdly enough though, everything I ended up purchasing were the same color: black. I don’t have a lot of black in my wardrobe- I was always more of a brown girl. But I’ve been inserting black into my everyday look and I love how it goes with everything.

Well let’s get on with it then. Here are the items I purchased this time around (please excuse my makeup-less face):

PicMonkey CollageTotal spent: $15.00


Question of the day: what’s your favorite thing to do on your day off?