Meet M. She’s one of my favorites I met this past year at my job who has quickly become my best friend. And, as luck would have it, she’s the complete opposite of me physically. I get my jeans in extra-long, while jeans in short are sometimes long on her. We also have different skin tones, hair, and of course styles. I like gold jewelry, she likes silver- the list goes on and on.

When M found out I have a fashion blog, she wanted me to take her thrift shopping and dress her up- especially for summer tops at work. I absolutely loved the idea! Sometimes I get tired of styling myself and I thought the challenge of dressing someone so different from me was something that I couldn’t wait to tackle! We ended up going to two thrift stores spending just around $60 and got lots of tops, a few jeans, and a couple pieces of jewelry- bargain! Here are a few of the tops and jewelry pieces as well as one of the pairs of jeans- enjoy!








She’s so adorable, isn’t she? She has already worn a few of the tops to work and gets complimented often- sure makes me feel awesome! Hopefully more friends will want my help in the near future!

Also, the location where we took pictures was beautiful- it was a random park in town M and I had never been to with plenty of seating, trails, and a butterfly garden. Plus it had a splash pad- definitely going there in August when it gets super hot!

Which top is your favorite? Let me know below!

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Okay, maybe the title of this post is a bit harsh, but you know what I mean don’t you? You go into Target with one item you need in mind, and you end up accidentally finding the clearance sections. Before you know it you have a cart full of stuff you weren’t planning to purchase. This exact scenario happened to me last night, and I’m going to tell you about it if you don’t mind.

1346707921506_1123696I didn’t find any cardigans this time around since it’s becoming spring and all the colors that are “in” right now are pastels and highlighter colors. I must say, I’m not a fan. I didn’t even look at the clothes this time. I went straight for housewares first, and the things I found were 50% off and really great pieces for my apartment.

PicMonkey Collage

Gold Glass Jewelry tray: I’ve been looking for a piece like this for awhile to put on my makeup desk. It’s perfect to put my watch, rings, and any other odds and ends that I take off at the end of the day. I was worried it might be too light, but with the darker wood of my desk it pops really well.

PicMonkey Collage1

Gold Glass Jewelry Box: I thought this jewelry box was a nice compliment to the jewelry tray I got- similar in color but different in pattern. Perfect place to hide away jewelry I don’t wear everyday to keep my desk from getting cluttered.

I then glanced at the jewelry before heading to the wallets/purses section. My wallet has been near-retired for the past month or so, and I’m super picky when it comes to wallets so I tend to check what stores have to offer every time I go. I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to keep the two wallets I purchased, but I loved that they were both 50% off and one is more dressy while the other is casual. Here they are!

PicMonkey Collage2

Mossimo Bird Print Wallet:Β  This would be my more everyday wallet and I liked the colors and print on this one. It’s a bit smaller than my current wallet, but I also think my wallet could use some downsizing. I’ll give it a test drive and see what I think this week. I’m also not sure about how it opens- I’m worried things will fall out if I don’t snap it shut. But I likeΒ  that it’s cloth and the colors would match any bag or purse I put it in.

PicMonkey Collage3

Merona Wallet with Removable Wrist Strap: This wallet is a bit more dressy, and I’ve been looking for something with a wrist strap option for going out. I’m not sure about the compartment for my phone, though. But I guess if I am out and about with just my wallet, it would be nice to have my phone and wallet all together. I love the gold detail on this wallet, and the border detail on the outside.Β  Excited to try this one out!

All in all, a successful Target run, as usual.

Question of the day: What has been your best bargain at Target? Anything to brag about?

Have a wonderful day!