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I’m in love with The Body Shop. So many great products made with awesome ingredients!

The person that introduced me to The Body Shop products is none other than my favorite beauty-blogger, Essiebutton. If you haven’t heard of her, you are seriously missing out. Seriously. I want to be her best friend. Whenever she has her monthly favorites video on YouTube, I always write down what she recommends for a potential future purchase. Then, as luck would have it, The Body Shop emailed me introducing their buy three get three free sale going on this past weekend and I knew I couldn’t resist. I got out my list of items from The Body Shop I really wanted to try and got six new products I can’t wait to put on my face- plus two free samples, which was pretty amazing.

Last time I bought items from their website I got a grapefruit mini body butter to try out- and I loved it. So I thought I would try the bigger version in a smell that is so amazing and unique- satsuma. Citrus-y orange-y goodness. It will be perfect to keep my skin hydrated during the cooler months ahead. Seriously, this stuff does wonders.

The Colour Crush Shine Lipsticks are their sheer lipsticks, and it’s a nice product for people (like me) who are just starting to dip their feet into lipsticks. They are sheer enough to not look super bright, but add a tint of color whilst being moisturizing and leave a nice rose scent. I’d like to try a nude shade or something more fall-like in color. I also would love to swatch their other types of lip products in a Body Shop store at some point, there just isn’t one in my city. *SIGH*

I’m also excited to try out these two BB creams. I tested out the Vitamin E version in a Body Shop store when I was in Florida a few months ago and I was amazed how it matched anyone’s coloring. I have yet to try either one of these yet (I’ve been on a no-foundation kick lately) but when I do I will let you know- perhaps I’ll do a BB cream comparison post in the coming months…hint hint.

The tea tree creamy wash- oh, man. Words cannot describe how life-changing this stuff is, and my skin absolutely loves it. It has a bit of a cooling effect when applied and after washing it off my pores seem clear and my skin isΒ  all glowy and happy. I use this every other day, and I seriously can’t wait to try other products in this range.

What are your favorite things from The Body Shop?

And lastly, I’ll leave you with an autumn picture I couldn’t help but snap while I was outside taking pictures of these products. And people wonder why I have a burnt orange car- because these colors are the best!


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One word: Sale. It gets me every time. I should never be allowed to go into a Bath & Body Works, let alone during their biggest sale of the season. M (who you met in one of my latest blog posts “One of my Favorites“) wanted to go into BBW and get some soaps. I graciously offered to go along as moral support (and to make sure she didn’t go overboard). Well, that didn’t quite work out as planned. Let’s just say we both left the store carrying quite the heavy bag of goodies and a little less money in our wallets, but at least we’ll smell nice?

I’ve always been obsessed with their Eucalyptus Spearmint line, but I know the scent is not for everyone.Β I think it’s refreshing in the summer, and really helps open up your sinuses in the winter when you have a cold. And, I must admit, I absolutely love the color and details on the packaging so that certainly drew me to the line in the first place. When I walked into the store I was immediately hit in the face (figuratively, of course) with this huge sign and display saying:

“Buy 2, get 2 free Aromatherapy Products”

…and if you’re a regular BBW customer, you know that NEVER happens. EVER. Well…I had to get 4 items, and below are the items I chose along with an already half-used up candle in the same scent:



Seriously beautiful packaging, is it not? This smell really does relieve stress for me. When I’ve had a tough day and want to feel clean and relaxed, I reach for the body wash in this scent and then lather up with the lotion if I’m feeling extra stressed. Also, as weird as it might sound, my cat Myrtle loves this scent. When I light the candle she really seems to chill out and enjoy (from afar, of course) the candle’s aroma. I guess she has great taste!

I have yet to try the bath soak and luxury bath I bought, but I’m really excited to test them out on my next pamper evening- just take a deep breath in and feel your stress melt away!

What’s your favorite scent that relaxes you?


I know this post is a bit late, but here are the products I literally used to the bitter end- and what I thought of them!


Bath & Body Works Apple Ale Candle: One of the best smelling candles for the fall/winter season. Immediately smells of apples and cinnamon, and warms you up instantly. Would buy again (once it’s the season for this candle). One thing I don’t like about Bath & Body Works- they get you hooked on a seasonal scent and then make you wait a whole year (or never) for them to come out again. What I’ve learned- buy them all so you can have it all year. My favorite scents lately have been Blackberry Spice, Champagne Toast, and an old favorite Eucalyptus Spearmint.

Coffee-Mate Peppermint Mocha Creamer: I am seriously addicted to this stuff. I put it in my morning coffee religiously, and thankfully they have started selling it all year around instead of just around Christmas- minty things are not just for Christmas time! I can’t live without a bottle of this in my fridge.

Davines No 5 Mat Pliable Stucco for Wizards: I know I’ve talked about this product a couple times before, but I just can’t get enough of it. Perfect to hold (especially shorter hair) in place and has some give and take for moving it around throughout the day- not hard and crunchy but flexible and natural. Already bought another bottle to replace this one. Yum.

E.L.F. – Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter: Honestly think I took this from my sister when I stayed with her for a few weeks. I never used the highlighter side, but I used up the concealer side. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite concealer, but it did the job for the most part and only retails for about $3. I find that other concealers have more covering power, but if you’re having a good skin day, it will cover up minor things. Probably won’t buy this again.

Secret Clinical Strength Solid Lavender Deodorant: I’m going to be honest- when it’s warm outside, I sweat. Everybody sweats. I find that regular deodorant doesn’t really do the job, and I so far have really liked this product. I think I’ll probably try out another brand of clinical strength deodorant for a comparison, but if by the end of that stick I like the Secret brand better, I’ll probably make it a constant in my routine.

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush SECRET CRUSH Water Fruits & Lily Lotion: I’m a big lotion person- especially in the winter when my skin craves moisture 24/7. I go into Victoria’s Secret about once a year when they have their huge panties sale. As I was checking out, I noticed they were having a 75% off sale on all of their beauty products. I ended up leaving with much more than I expected, but the scents on their lotions are quite lovely. I’m sad to see this one end, but I can always buy more when they have the sale again. It’s sweet, but not overpowering- and very clean. Give it a sniff sometime.

Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner in Blackest Black: Not sure how this came into my possession (might have been given to me) but it was good while it lasted. It didn’t last as long as I expected it to, but I liked how it applied to my eyes and I would use it again- although I am currently loving the eye liner I’m using now.


Any products you’ve loved to death recently?