My Perfect Outfit- OOTD



Top: Stitch Fix | Necklace: Thrifted | Bag: Francesca’s | Shoes: Target | Cardigan: Old Navy | Scarf: Silver Spider | Jeans: American Eagle



Have you ever wished that someone would style outfits for you? Maybe pick out items that are right up your alley without leaving the house? Well thanks to Stitch Fix you can do that!

If you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a super simple process. First you fill out a fashion profile so the stylists can get to know what style you like to wear- or would like to wear more of. Then you can link your Pinterest style board (because come on guys, you know you have one) so they get even more of an idea of items you like. You pay $20 for them to send five items of clothing in the mail for you to try on and send back what you don’t like- it’s as simple as that! Also, if you decide to keep something in the box, the $20 fee to ship the box gets deducted from the item’s price. So technically the box would get shipped for free and you get $20 off the item! And if you decide to buy everything in the box you also get 25% off the total of all five items! Pretty cool, right? Your welcome.

Here’s the line up of items I got this month- quite autumnal, which is my favorite time of year!

PicMonkey Collage1A lot of patterns, am I right? I’m quite picky with patterns, but most of these were tasteful- just not quite my style. Here’s the rundown of what I thought of each piece:

Tinley Brush Stroke Infinity Scarf: Nice colors, and reminded me a lot of falling leaves. I’m usually not a huge fan of infinity scarves. They never seem to be quite as big and cozy as I like my scarves to be. I also wasn’t sure what to pair it with in my current wardrobe, so I sent it packing.

Conor Lace Detail Flutter Sleeve Blouse: This is my favorite piece in the set this month. I love the lace detail and I think the sleeves are very flattering. I already have a shirt quite similar to this one, but I think if I keep this one I’ll get rid of the other. It’s a better navy for my wardrobe and the lace detail makes the top much more interesting.

Tyson Scarf Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse: I wasn’t sure about the print of this top, but I absolutely loved the color. And when I read the shirt print is literally called “scarf print” my heart skipped a beat. Scarves and me…we have a great relationship. Unfortunately, my chest is a bit too big for this top. The buttons were semi-straining and you could see the tank top I had on underneath. It also is a bit too busy for my simple wardrobe, so I’m going to say goodbye.

Helina Hi-Lo Dress: I like the top detail of this dress- very geometric and interesting. Just not a huge fan of the jersey fabric and color. Probably going to say no to this one.

Melisa Geo Print Pencil Skirt: If this skirt were a shirt in this print I would probably keep it. Unfortunately, the skirt didn’t really do much for me. Seemed to be an awkward length and a jersey/stretch fabric that didn’t really hold its shape.

PicMonkey CollageA bit disappointed in this fix, to be honest. But every month is different and I still can’t wait to see what next month has in store!

What should I keep? Help me decide in the comments below!

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It’s my favorite time of the month again! Seriously, this summer has been going by super fast. Not sure how Stitch Fix works? Click here for more info! For this fix I asked my stylist Julia to pick things for my impending Florida trip: comfy theme park clothes, fun beach outfits, and going out for a nice meal pieces.  I was really looking forward to this fix. Unfortunately when I opened up the box this time, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. Here’s what they sent me:

PicMonkey CollageSo you may be wondering why I was disappointed? Well, a lot of these pieces are quite similar to ones that I had gotten from them previously. The cobalt blue top, although a bit different design-wise, is very similar to a top they gave me in a previous fix. Also, the coral colored top is another top that is quite similar in color and shape to this top. I just felt like they should know what I’ve already gotten and try and pick things that aren’t so similar. BUT ANYWAY, here’s my feelings on each of the items above:

Roma Cowl Neck Knit Top: Although this top is quite similar to one I kept from a fix previously, I really liked the fabric and how it draped on me. Also the lighter color would be great for a cooler shirt in Florida.

Defanie Diamond Ikat Print Soft Short: I like the idea of these shorts, but I’m not sure about the shape and length on me. They seem a bit gymshort-like? I’ll need your opinion to help me on this one!

Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse: I really wanted to love this top. The gold detailing and split in the back seemed right up my alley. Unfortunately, my chest area didn’t fit in this top, so perhaps if it were in a size bigger? Also one of the studs around the collar was missing- not a huge deal but for the price I wouldn’t want one that’s missing a piece. I also wish it were in a different color since I have a top from Stitch Fix in this exact same color and similar cut- a bit frustrating.

Alisa Striped Henley Hi-Lo Maxi Dress: A cute dress and super comfortable. Not sure if it’s something I would wear, but it would be nice to put over a swimsuit and is super airy and flowy. A bit plain, but could possibly be dressed up.

Candace Top-Zip Crossbody Satchel: Love the gold detail and that it’s in a black color, but not a huge fan on the shape of the bag and how it zips up at the top. Probably not going to keep this one, but I like the idea of it.

Well what do you guys think? What should I keep? Check out my pictures below and let me know in the comments which items you like the best!

PicMonkey Collage2

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Meet M. She’s one of my favorites I met this past year at my job who has quickly become my best friend. And, as luck would have it, she’s the complete opposite of me physically. I get my jeans in extra-long, while jeans in short are sometimes long on her. We also have different skin tones, hair, and of course styles. I like gold jewelry, she likes silver- the list goes on and on.

When M found out I have a fashion blog, she wanted me to take her thrift shopping and dress her up- especially for summer tops at work. I absolutely loved the idea! Sometimes I get tired of styling myself and I thought the challenge of dressing someone so different from me was something that I couldn’t wait to tackle! We ended up going to two thrift stores spending just around $60 and got lots of tops, a few jeans, and a couple pieces of jewelry- bargain! Here are a few of the tops and jewelry pieces as well as one of the pairs of jeans- enjoy!








She’s so adorable, isn’t she? She has already worn a few of the tops to work and gets complimented often- sure makes me feel awesome! Hopefully more friends will want my help in the near future!

Also, the location where we took pictures was beautiful- it was a random park in town M and I had never been to with plenty of seating, trails, and a butterfly garden. Plus it had a splash pad- definitely going there in August when it gets super hot!

Which top is your favorite? Let me know below!

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It’s that time again- let’s do this!

PicMonkey Collage

Henessy Speckled Braid Trim Racerback Tank: I’ve already worn this top once to an outdoor barbeque and I absolutely love it! It tucks in nicely and I really like the racerback detail. Definitely keeping.

Colibri Abstract Print Sleeveless Blouse: This top isn’t something I would pick up on my own, but I definitely like the cut of the top. The pattern is a bit girly for me and because of my larger bust, one of the buttons is a bit strained from the pressure. But I do like the idea of tucking it into a pencil skirt for a nice summery outfit.

Jake Slim Boot Cut Jean: Jeans are tough for me to love. They usually aren’t long enough (with my 36+ inch inseam) and these unfortunately weren’t either. Plus I’m more a fan of skinny jeans, not boot cut. Not keeping these.

Daire Sleeveless Fit & Flare Dress: Cute dress and I love the lace detail. Not super fitted on the top, but the dress is a good length for me. Not sure if I’ll keep it or not.

Ginnie Colored Gem Statement Necklace: Usually not one for super colorful, statement necklaces but I like the gold detail. Perhaps it’s a bit pink-y for me.

What do you think? Help me decide!

PicMonkey Collage1

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I’m a sucker when it comes to weddings- and parties. Put those two together, and you now understand why when one of my friends asked if I would attend a wedding reception with her I obviously said yes. An excuse to dress up and meet new people- you can’t say no!

Here’s the outfit I decided on- and I must say it’s become one of my favorites! It includes a shirt I got from Stitch Fix which I am absolutely obsessed with. Not familiar? Check it out here. The purse is also from my latest Stitch Fix haul- check it out here if you’d like to see what else I got this month!

I’m also in love with the shoes- I got them from my sister for my birthday. Gold accents are my favorite (obviously) and this outfit has a sprinkle of gold everywhere: earrings, necklace, shoes, purse, and even the top I’m wearing. The buttons have a gold trim on them (which is hard to see from the pictures) but it made me love the shirt even more.

PicMonkey Collage2

Question of the day: what’s your favorite animal- and your favorite accents to add to an outfit?



Happy polka-dot day! Today I’m focusing on another polka-dotted top that’s great for summer! It’s also neutral, so it goes with everything. I also really like how it has an elastic band at the bottom of the top- I think it’s very flattering!

In this outfit, I paired it with dark purple shorts and a long, elephant necklace. Enjoy your weekend!

PicMonkey CollageTop- JC Penney

Shorts- American Eagle

Belt- Target

Necklace- Forever 21


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I was just about to run out the door to teach music lessons this afternoon and decided I would snap a few pictures of my outfit before I left. It was quite hot out today, so I knew I couldn’t wear pants, but I’m not really allowed to wear shorts while teaching. I decided on cream capris and a loose v-neck in a nice shade of blue. I felt like I was wearing a lot of block colors, so I decided on a busy-printed purse to complete the look. I hope you enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage2

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My favorite time of the month- STITCH FIX TIME! It actually came to my door around my birthday, which was pretty much the best present ever. Here’s what they sent me this time:

PicMonkey CollageQuite coral, is it not? I never thought I would like this color, but after trying the items on, I really love it- perfect for spring!

Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee: I love this shirt- perfect neutral color for my colored shorts this summer. I’ve worn this shirt out once already and I love how the back is a bit longer than the front. Perfect. KEEPING.

Shawn Box Detail Blouse: I wasn’t sure about this top at first, but after putting it on I love how it flowed. The sides are slit a bit so if you’re not wearing a top underneath some skin will be seen, but I think it’s flirty and perfect for summer.

Franklin Striped Side Gathered Short Shirt: Not 100% sure if I’m keeping this one or not. It has a gathering on the side and I like the fit, but let me know what you think of it!
Loren Striped French Terry Pencil Skirt: I liked it, but I’m worried it’s a bit big on me. I feel like it might shrink in the wash since it’s cotton-y fabric, but I’ll try it on a few more times to see what I think.

Houston Small Quilted Crossbody Bag: I’m a sucker for gold detailing- Stitch Fix knew what they were doing. I’m definitely keeping this as my nice going out bag.
PicMonkey Collage2Here’s me in all the clothing and accessories: help me decide what to keep!

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Next item of clothing I’m featuring today is one of my favorite accessories of all time- scarves. Although it’s getting warmer in Iowa, I still keep a scarf with me for those chilly summer evenings around the bonfire, and even rainy days. This is what I call my “Florida Scarf.” Every time I travel someplace new, I try and buy a scarf in that place to remember the trip (and get a new scarf out of the deal- what a bargain!). I bought it at the store Papyrus, which was super neat and not something I’ve seen in Iowa before. It’s lighter fabric, but still can keep your neck cozy on cooler days. Plus it’s polka-dotted and goes with everything!

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