Have you ever wished that someone would style outfits for you? Maybe pick out items that are right up your alley without leaving the house? Well thanks to Stitch Fix you can do that!

If you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a super simple process. First you fill out a fashion profile so the stylists can get to know what style you like to wear- or would like to wear more of. Then you can link your Pinterest style board (because come on guys, you know you have one) so they get even more of an idea of items you like. You pay $20 for them to send five items of clothing in the mail for you to try on and send back what you don’t like- it’s as simple as that! Also, if you decide to keep something in the box, the $20 fee to ship the box gets deducted from the item’s price. So technically the box would get shipped for free and you get $20 off the item! And if you decide to buy everything in the box you also get 25% off the total of all five items! Pretty cool, right? Your welcome.

Here’s the line up of items I got this month- quite autumnal, which is my favorite time of year!

PicMonkey Collage1A lot of patterns, am I right? I’m quite picky with patterns, but most of these were tasteful- just not quite my style. Here’s the rundown of what I thought of each piece:

Tinley Brush Stroke Infinity Scarf: Nice colors, and reminded me a lot of falling leaves. I’m usually not a huge fan of infinity scarves. They never seem to be quite as big and cozy as I like my scarves to be. I also wasn’t sure what to pair it with in my current wardrobe, so I sent it packing.

Conor Lace Detail Flutter Sleeve Blouse: This is my favorite piece in the set this month. I love the lace detail and I think the sleeves are very flattering. I already have a shirt quite similar to this one, but I think if I keep this one I’ll get rid of the other. It’s a better navy for my wardrobe and the lace detail makes the top much more interesting.

Tyson Scarf Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse: I wasn’t sure about the print of this top, but I absolutely loved the color. And when I read the shirt print is literally called “scarf print” my heart skipped a beat. Scarves and me…we have a great relationship. Unfortunately, my chest is a bit too big for this top. The buttons were semi-straining and you could see the tank top I had on underneath. It also is a bit too busy for my simple wardrobe, so I’m going to say goodbye.

Helina Hi-Lo Dress: I like the top detail of this dress- very geometric and interesting. Just not a huge fan of the jersey fabric and color. Probably going to say no to this one.

Melisa Geo Print Pencil Skirt: If this skirt were a shirt in this print I would probably keep it. Unfortunately, the skirt didn’t really do much for me. Seemed to be an awkward length and a jersey/stretch fabric that didn’t really hold its shape.

PicMonkey CollageA bit disappointed in this fix, to be honest. But every month is different and I still can’t wait to see what next month has in store!

What should I keep? Help me decide in the comments below!

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My second Stitch Fix has arrived at my doorstep, and I am so excited to show you what they have in store for me this time!

PicMonkey Collage2

Some lovely choices this time around! In the note they said they enjoyed my style board on Pinterest and also noticed I really liked elephants- hence the elephant print blouse! They also listened this time and sent me a super chunky scarf, which I’m having a hard time not wearing all day long.

The cobalt blue shirt is a bit bright for my (usual) taste, but I love the gold accent on the buttons. It would be a great light shirt for summertime and the fabric seems very expensive and made well. I do love a good gold accent.

The cardigan was really nice and a color I never would have considered: white. It also was dressy on a work outfit but casual with a scarf and jeans. I love a multi-tasking cardigan.

The skirt is also a nice staple- everyone needs a black pencil skirt! It has unique seams and a subtle fabric texture which makes this a not-your-average pencil skirt. Looks like it might be the second skirt I keep from a Stitch Fix box.

Unfortunately the piece I was the most excited about, the elephant print blouse, is a bit tight in the shoulder area. But I really loved that they noticed things I liked and incorporated it into my box this month- and it wasn’t terribly tight, just wasn’t a stretchy fabric.

Here are a few outfits I pieced together using what they sent me:

PicMonkey Collage4

Items I ended up keeping:

ALL OF THEM. I actually really liked them all, and when you buy all 5 items you get a 25% off discount. So I felt that this time it was worth getting all the pieces. They all seemed to work well for me!

Click here if you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix: not to mention if you sign up using the link provided, I get $25 to use towards my next fix when you receive your first one. Just try it out for one month and I swear, you’ll be hooked!