It’s been a long time…


Hello there. You look nice. Is that a new hairdo? Okay, enough jokes, but seriously it’s been awhile since I’ve been on this blog. Let’s just say a lot has been happening.

#1. Moved into a new place: bigger, better, and a fresh new start.

#2. Boyfriend moved into said place: Yep.

#3. Promotion at work: YAY! But at the same time, a lot less time on my hands for this blog. Hence the absence.

#4. My mom has/had cancer. Found out six months ago while in Chicago. She just had her last chemo this past week, opening up some time for myself.

That being said…here are the things that are inspiring me to start this bad boy up again.

#1. My boyfriend and I cook. A lot. We’re both vegetarians, and he works in food service, so some of the stuff we come up with is quite delicious and pretty. So pictures to come.

#2. I’ve been having body issues lately. With a new medication I’m on plus being happy in a loving relationship (terrible excuse, but you get what I mean: going out to eat, eating desserts, and more desserts…#dontjudge), I’ve gained almost 50 pounds in 1.5 years. Since I’m 6 feet tall it isn’t super noticeable to people, but to me it is. When jeans don’t fit anymore and coats are too snug, you know something has changed. I have a yearly physical through work in 100 days, so I thought that would be a great goal and a good way to keep myself on the being-healthy kick, I can post on here every once in awhile my progress and such. Ideas?

Anyway, I basically wanted to say hey, catch up over a cup of tea, and vent on here some things that have been going on. How have you been?